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Role of a digital Marketer.

A digital marketer role with an experienced more than 10 years’ experience in the industry. His/her role is to coordinate all the activities of the digital marketing department and manage the digital marketing team and set the goal of the team.

Digital Marketers who have a wide range of skills get paid more than ‘one-area’ of specialty. When you start as a newbie digital marketer, your average salary will be around $40K per year and as you can climb up the ladder as you will get the valuable experience, you can reach the maximum which is around $90K.

All types of marketing promotional activity are done through the web. 93% of marketing services start with search engines. So, if any business needs to generate more website traffic, leads, and sales, you need SEO services.

The Online Marketing Services List includes:

  • 1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 2 Facebook Ads Management
  • 3 Social Media Marketing Services
  • 4 Google Ads Management
  • 5 Content Marketing Services
  • 6 Link Building Services 7 Email Marketing Services
  • 8 Conversion Optimization Services
  • 9 Website Development Services
  • 10 Training Services