On this World Food Day, food systems and global food security are at a critical moment. 

What is world food day?

The human impact is staggering.  At the outset of 2022, more than 190 million people had been driven into acute food insecurity.


Conflicts are driving unconscionable levels of hunger as violence stops food from getting to the neediest.  Pandemic disruptions to supply chains have destabilized food systems. 

The work before us is clear.  Only by working together can we overcome the global food security challenges we face. 

United States chaired a Food Security Summit at the United Nations, which launched the Roadmap for Global Food Security.

More than 100 countries have signed on to the initiative that calls on them to take seven actions, which include increasing fertilizer production and investing in climate-resilient agriculture.

The United States is leading the way. 


Heading 2

Last month, at the United Nations General Assembly, President Biden announced over $2.9 billion in new assistance to address global food insecurity. 

 That announcement builds on the $6.9 billion in U.S. assistance to support global food security already committed this year. 

There is no longer any doubt that food security is an issue of acute global urgency. 

Stay Updated

So, on this World Food Day, let us be true to its theme – Leave No One Behind – because the health, the stability, and the wellbeing of all our people depends on the food security that we build together.