8 Muscle-Building Foods to Gain Lean Muscle

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You can find some of these foods already in your fridge or pantry.

How food helps build muscle

Aja Koska/Getty ImagesProtein is important to include in your diet, because they contain amino acid which body use to grow muscle and organ tissues.

8 foods to optimize your gains 

Power food eggs incredibly rich in nutrients from fat and protein and include a potent mix of vitamins such as B12, B6 and thiamin. 


2. Fish
Fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Although they're known for their many other health benefits


These tasty snacks offer a perfect mix of protein, fats and fiber, making them one of the most balanced ways to supplement your workouts.

4. Soybeans

These are one of the most nutrient-dense legumes you can eat, and they pack a potent punch of protein to aid in building muscle.

5. Greek yogurt

6. Cottage cheese


7. Olive oil

8. Quinoa

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