5 Reasons Walking Is Good for Your Health

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Walking is good for your health, full stop.

“Walking affects multiple systems in the body, and so it offers a lot of great benefits,”

walking is considered a moderately intense aerobic activity — if you do it at a pace at which you can still talk but singing would be difficult — meaning it works your cardiovascular system.

When walking, Dr. Robinson suggests folks go at a pace that gets their heart rate up a bit. You should be a little breathless but not completely out of breath; use the “talk test” described above. “

That’s a good monitor that the walking you’re doing will improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Every day health

150 minutes of this type of walking per week, spanning multiple days (not all at the same time)

Human serves recommend 150 mints of moderate intensity arobic exercise per weak for adults (or about 30 minuts )five days in a weak

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It’s also okay to break it up into even smaller chunks throughout the day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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walking strengthens the muscles in your legs, as well as your core, which has the job of holding you upright as you step